The newest addition to Sherman, Texas, Shepherd’s Place spans 531 acres. This master-planned community features commercial and retail spaces with robust, curated amenities for the residents. Facing U.S. 75, Shepherd’s Place is a dream come true!

Shepherd’s Place is now available for home builders, multi-family developers and commercial land buyers.

531 acres

Total Size


Single-family lots

25 acres

Senior Living

45 acres

Residential Lease/Flex Padded sites

24 acres

Multi-Family padded sites

128 acres

Commercial padded sites

The Shepherd's Place Advantage

Favorable Location

With the city of Sherman surrounded by a plethora of employment opportunities, it makes our community a homeowner’s dream. Minutes away from Texas Instruments, Finisar and many Fortune 100 industries; Shepherd’s Place means minimal drive time. Resting near U.S. 75, Dallas is roughly 65 miles away.

A World In Itself

Shepherd’s Place is a master-planned community zoned and platted for Residential and Commercial purposes. Offering 941 single-family lots, multi-family, commercial and senior-living tracts, residents can choose from a variety of home styles and lot sizes. With stellar amenities, stores and restaurants planned, Shepherd’s Place is truly a world in itself.

Enviable Benefits

Exceptional schools, healthcare and recreational activities surround Shepherd’s Place. You can choose the best for your child’s education as Sherman’s ISD serves more than 7,500 students across 13 campuses. The Healthcare is superior with several top-tier healthcare facilities around Shepherd’s Place. As Sherman hosts several recreational activities throughout the year, weekends are always fun!


A Notable City

Nestled in the Texoma region of North Texas and southern Oklahoma, the quaint city of Sherman enjoys the best of what both have to offer. It is a comfortable and diverse place with plenty of employment opportunities and a favorable spot for further economic development. With a strong workforce, and a lively community with plenty of recreational activities, the city of Sherman is self-sufficient and a class apart.

An Exceptional Quality Of Life

With the city’s cost of living 17% lower than the U.S. average and 10% lower than Texas, Sherman truly is becoming one of the most sought-after cities in Texas. Sherman residents experience a better quality of life as housing costs in Sherman are 46% lower than the national average and 31% lower than the state average! As there is no personal income tax and no sales tax on groceries, residents save more and spend their income on their well-being!


Strive And Thrive

The people of Sherman enjoy the comforts of city life while being away from the chaos. The city has fostered an environment where businesses can thrive and flourish. From small enterprises and established manufacturers to entrepreneurs, everyone strives to thrive in Sherman. This small, happening city was named the 4th most desirable town to live in Texas by Business Insider in 2020.

Build Your Future With Us

Become a part of the growing community at Sherman by choosing Shepherd’s Place.

The team is working unceasingly towards shaping and developing the community and bringing it to its prime form. Surveys, Mass Grading and feasibility studies have been conducted to ensure a smooth and transparent process among the developers, home builders and investors. With the development in full swing, Shepherd’s Place will soon become the most favored community in Sherman!

Venture Highlights

  • Venture Spanning across 531 Acres
  • Excellent Land Facing US HWY 75
  • Approx. 1,553’ of frontage along HWY 691
  • Approx. 1,387’ frontage along Heritage Parkway
  • Located 65 miles north of Dallas near Oklahoma border
  • Property is served by the highly rated Sherman ISD

Paving The Path To Growth

The State of Texas continues to attract and support world-class manufacturers who are leading breakthroughs in innovation and technology. Sherman has always fostered a business-friendly climate and laid the groundwork to support large employers. With Texas Instruments and GlobiTech’s entry into Sherman, the city is now catalyzing sustained growth and is preparing to welcome the booming infrastructure.

Sherman is right in the heart of the advanced technology solutions growth and authorities in Sherman have started expanding streets to improve connectivity, ease travel and shorten commute time to the multibillion-dollar industries’ locations. Sidewalks and parks are being revamped and overall, profound benefits await the citizens of Sherman. Sherman is soon becoming the most sought-after city!

Well-Planned Architecture

Our team of Engineers and Architects are working towards creating a well-planned venture with the perfectly placed pods for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects.


Surveys and Feasibility Studies

Our Land Acquisition and Market Research Team has conducted feasibility studies, site surveys and opportunities to ensure informed decision-making for investors.


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Director - Shepherd's Place

Ravi Polishetty embodies the essence of visionary leadership and innovative spirit that defines the firm. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a disciplined approach to quality, has been instrumental in steering the firm towards remarkable achievements across various sectors. Ravi's strategic foresight and commitment to innovation have not only propelled the firm to new heights but have also established us as a beacon of industry-leading excellence.

Under his guidance, the firm has seen unprecedented growth and success, transforming each challenge into an opportunity for innovation. As a Director, Ravi continues to inspire and drive the team towards achieving excellence in all our endeavors, solidifying our position at the forefront of the industry.

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